expanding focus curated and ran The Hacks at a three day symposium hosted in Stuttgart by FilmakademieADK and Theater Rampe. We provided a platform to facilitate the crossover of new technology (location based media, virtual reality, augmented reality, and game design) and the performing arts.

For three days people could participate in our Playwalk (designed with Invisible Playground) through which participants learned about and experienced game mechanics by playing games within the surrounding urban space.

The Playwalk was then followed by round table discussions based on international case studies detailing the uses of the new technology displayed at the event.

Finally we allowed our participants to put their new insights into use by engaging in a Hack–In. From the group we formed five interdisciplinary teams, gave them the hardware they needed along with a technician, and let them come up with their own concepts. The five amazing projects resulting from each group’s efforts could be tested by our audience on closing night of the event.