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Header Picture of the "Dream Machine" participation and organisation plattform

Dream Machine

participation & organisation tool

DREAM MACHINE is an online tool which brings people together based on their interests, needs and wishes. This all works with the help of a simple profile where users can provide information about their skills, interests and visions.

DREAM MACHINE consists of a social network where everybody can initiate projects, a project management structure which can be organized top down or democratically and a share management system through which users can decide and manage ownership of their projects. DREAM MACHINE will also be equipped with several APIs for different payment systems – including crypto currency wallets.

Work in progress Logo of Dream Machine

The basic idea of DREAM MACHINE is to connect people based on their interest which can be as simple as finding a crowd for a weekly meetup for board games and as sophisticated as organizing and producing a music festival – leading to organizing communities who want to live and work together.

The core idea of DREAM MACHINE is to give users a tool which is already helpful to match them in small things in their everyday life – to hook them and make them familiar with the tool – to then give them the help and opportunity to organize their entire life – from work to co-living.

We want to do this with a smart system for which we identified 9 categories with which we can display every possible process. Combined with a smart tagging system DREAM MACHINE is able to show all possible information and combination of such in the way the user needs it at the given time.

The interface will also not be limited to tables and sheets, but will have a VR view in which correlations of different categories and complex networks of information can be displayed best. So our interface will not end at the edge of the screen, but will use the help of a screen to look into the interface – as a space. Through the smart use of colors, shapes, sizes and symbols a vast amount of information will be graspable on one sight.

It is important for us that every user will have complete control over their own data at any time.

Our team consists of two designers, two coders and one producer (more or less… our skillsets are floating).

We are looking at the moment for partners who share our vision and can help us in terms of business model, roll-out and impact investment.

A image showing a first prototype draft of Dream Machine's project overview with different modules active