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Header Picture of the "Perfect Black" VR experience

Perfect Black

VR experience & documentary

Das perfekte Schwarz – the perfect Black – is a immersive film experience, where you can witness the story of exceptional protagonists. They are not just pioneers with own strong views and masters at their particular field, they are also the confirmation of the diversity and greatness of the place we call earth.

The perfect Black is also a VR video project – combined with elements from augmented reality and binaural sound recording and playback – which enables us to explore deeper into the worlds of our protagonists and make them comprehensible and experienceable.

The Protagonists

Portrait of Dr. Antje Boetiu

Dr. Antje Boetius is one of Germany’s most renowned deep-sea researchers, especially in the areas of deep-sea ecology and technology. She spent several months aboard research vessels on over 40 expeditions. She teaches at the University of Bremen and since 2015 she heads the Steering Committee “Science in Dialogue”.

»The perfect black is the moment when I leave the light-flooded surface of the oceans and go down in my submarine until the total darkness sets. Then I know, I’ve arrived, that’s a home feeling.«

Dr. med. Eike Günther is a specialist in the field of astrophysics with a focus on “Earth-like planets”. He is primarily concerned with the search for new planets in other solar systems. Currently he is researching at the Landessternwarte Thuringia / Tautenburg as well as in Spain and Peru.

»The perfect black is a place without any form of waves, quanta or electromagnetic radiation. This place does not exist in our universe. Since the Big Bang, there has been a barely measurable, yet omnipresent radiation in the universe: the echo of the Big Bang. The perfect black can not exist in our universe.«

Portrait of Dr. med. Eike Günther
Portrait of Katja Krüger

Katja Krüger is a professional musician, composer and music educator. Her life with music builds on the rarest form of synesthesia there is: listening to color. In synesthesists, certain perceptual mechanisms in the brain are linked. People can smell colors, assign specific colors to each word or – rarely – hear colors. Katja Krügers life is completely in the sign of her ability. At the age of 17, she was diagnosed with this ability to perceive, but only a few years later she no longer feels “different”.

»The perfect black is a tone that only I can hear when I see the color black. As a result of my synesthesia, when I look at Black, I get a deep, buzzing sound that overlays everything. With the right instrument, I can make the sound audible.«

Project Details

Director Tom Fröhlich
Author Tom Fröhlich
Production Company Neue Celluloid Fabrik
Producer Jürgen Kleinig

Feature Length Documentary

VR experience series

Status in development



Funders Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung


a VR experience with binaural 3D sound

We want to translate “The Perfect Black” into a 360 ° VR experience with binaural 3D sound. The user wears video glasses of and headphones of choice. With these tools, she or he can look around freely in a surrounding 360 ° sphere.

In doing so, noises can be located exactly in the room and move with the user’s view and in correct perspective. This new way of telling content has a tremendously immersive effect on the user. She or he is not only a silent observer in the narrated world, but feels to be as part of the world and can interactively make decisions.

The worlds of the protagonists are the core of our project. We want to enter the universe and the deep sea and we want to both hear and see synesthesia.
“The perfect black” is supposed to be a very sensual and aesthetic experience, at the end of which there can only be one question: what is your perfect black?

To do this, we divide the content of the linear movie into three episodes linked by transitions. The length of each episode should not exceed three to four minutes, to guarantee an ideal stay in virtual reality.