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Utopia Tower Endgame

VR Game for the Oculus Quest

Our game “Utopia Tower Endgame” (WT) is an economic simulation and exploration game that takes place on a tower. The aim is to build an ecosystem that is optimized equally for the earth itself and its residents. Against the backdrop of climate change and resources becoming scarcer, our game aims to show a future scenario in which it will prove meaningful and helpful to have created and developed an independent, sustainable and collaborative system and to become increasingly independent from external supply chains. The primary goal of the game is to create and develop a sustainable and emission-free ecosystem.

Concept of the Utopia Tower

Building a Independant Ecosystem


The primary goal of the game is to develop a sustainable and emission-free circular economy by
becoming increasingly independent from external supply chains and money.
The secondary goal of the game is to keep the tower inhabitants happy!

Why the Quest?

The user can fly around the tower freely in order to create the tower ecosystem.
While moving around the tower, the user will come across surprising mini-stories and experience side quests in order to get to know the sustainable circular economy of the future.

To make it challenging, the player finds himself in a flooded city to begin with. He now has the task of restoring an old flooded skyscraper to an independent living space. So the goal of the game is to create a functioning circular economy, which is completely independent of raw materials from the outside – ergo without money. The indicator for this is the Dollar, which one needs less of the more an independent and sustainable ecosystem is produced.

Concept of Utopia Tower
Concept of Utopia Tower

Factors like – sustainability and price, CO2 and low carbon emissions, renewable and non renewable energy, expensive and efficient, recycling and new extraction of raw materials, saving resources, buying resources and collecting resources are balanced against each other and pull in two different directions so you have to find a balanced middle.

The mood of the inhabitants who live in the tower is actually the most important factor, because the most important resource in this game is the human itself. When the residents feel comfortable and happy, their numbers will increase and they will do more work. If they don’t feel comfortable or they are unhappy, less people will join or they will migrate.

Here the parameters such as self-fulfillment and consumption, knowledge transfer and exploitation, skimming and collaboration need to be considered. The inhabitants of the ecosystem are living in a post-consumer society (because supply chains, like we know them today, have collapsed). But of course they are also still human and want to live a fullfilled life. Besides parties, seminars and other happenings, the most lasting form of self-fulfillment is meditation or to get along with yourself.

But here you also have to be careful. Too many “enlightened” residents are also a deterrent for new arrivals. These must slowly be brought to spiritual teachings, however our game is not about teaching ideological concepts or esoteric teachings.

Concept of Utopia Tower

With the increasing number of residents and the increasing collaborative and sustainable lifestyle, the research, execution and automation of the economic circulation is getting better. This means that the inhabitants of the tower need to start taking care of themselves and their spirituality. Here the social management starts to become more important than the economic management, so that new cultures and customs can arise.

We want to make this game explicitly for the Oculus Quest.

The construction of the economic system and the population of the tower takes place while the user constantly moves around the tower. If he has gathered enough money or enough resources, he can build new residential-, energy-, or agricultural units which use the raw materials from old units for new construction projects. The creativity of the inhabitants will be enhanced through education and meditation especially and this creates new and surprising constructions for the user.

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