VR/cross media sound production


Eccos is a social sound experience that can best be described as a “Virtual Reality Disco”. Utilzing holodeck-technology, we give participants the ability to simultaneously create, experience, and dance to music, all within a dynamic visual environment. After showcasing our initial prototype during a Hackathon event held at the Fraunhofer Institute in Nürnberg, the Eccos project is now in the process of further development.

Eccos - A Social Sound Experience

build your own tracks and let them dominate

ECCOS is played either alone or against one or more opponents. The aim of the game is to build a music track and let it dominate. The different soundtracks of the different opponents interact with each other.
The better you are, the higher you go. When a track is complete, you move up to the next level, which is accomplished by opening and going through a gate that is above you.
To get the opponent off balance, you can throw bombs at your opponents. The opponents can fend them off and the bomb comes right back at the sender. The sender can fend off the bomb again … and so on. The longer the bomb is played back and forth, the greater the damage it does when it finally detonates. This can result in disturbing sound effects or the loss of own sounds, which one must then generate again by MOVES. Moves are hand movements that trigger the tracks. Every soundtrack has its own specific move.

Project Details:

Gamedesign: Alexander Herrmann /
Michael Held / Sebastian Abel
Production Company:
expanding focus GmbH
Genre: Multiplayer VR Audio Game
Status: in Development
Language: universal