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About us

At expanding focus, located in the Westwerk complex in Leipzig, Germany, we specialise in the conception, production and distribution of Virtual Reality experiences and cinematic VR content.

We conceptualise and create our own productions, as well as team up with other creative partners to co-produce VR content. We also provide VR and 360° camera services and studio space for third parties. We work with different mediums such as documentary, fiction, installations, music and games via the exciting universe of VR and 360° content and experiences.

We have a vast network of experts in the field such digital artists, programmers, directors, 360° DOPs and strategic partners for events, installations and exhibitions – many of them on-site in Leipzig.



VR Gear for renting

If you would like to rent some of our gear and phones with VR content
for your upcoming event(s), then contact us today.

We can offer you:
Oculus Go & Rift, HTC Vive, Samsung GearVR,
Google Daydreams and Samsung/Google Pixel phones for playback.


Don’t hesitate to contact us.

We are always in search of new partnerships, cooperative projects and opportunities to get together with innovative people and create beautiful content. So get in touch with us today!

expanding focus GmbH
Naumburger Str. 28
04229 Leipzig, Germany

+49 175 94 84 906

GM: Alexander Herrmann

SN: 232/108/10528

HRB: 32794

info [at] expanding-focus.de

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